What are we all about?

Alex Lopez aka Alphex = (Alpha Alex + Al's FX)

As a music producer, he likes to derive ideas from any form of art, whether it be something he saw, heard, smelt, or touched. Something he feels to inspires him. As a DJ he likes to bring the underground sound to the common well being of the public. It can be dirtybird's latest bombs, or Toolroom's fattest trx. he hopes to one day inspire you, as much as he was inspired by others.

Bobby Green aka B-Rip

He started his musical adventure at the age of 13 when he got his first guitar. Playing in punk and metal bands, he began to develop his musical talents and tastes. Now, going to Expression college in emeryville, he is studying to be a sound engineer. Once his taste for music became more electronic, his drive for producing house and other electronic genres grew. With influences including Ant Brooks, Gesaffelstein, Stefano Noferini, and Oliver, he always provides a deep sound in his sets, and in his productions.

Dillard Worthen aka Sage Beats

From RnB to Rap to House music Sage beats likes to keep you guessing where the next song is headed. A talented producer, he can take a sample and reimagine it. Already have something to start with? Then let him work his production magic and give a mastered track ready for sale!

About Us

Struggle Entertainment is a project created by friends for the sake of doing something other than the norm. We're all a part of the Struggle and we just strive to have good times with GREAT PEOPLE. Plain and simple. The Struggle Crew is vast and the people apart of it are open minded and love sharing ideas with each other. We'd love to see your crew mob to our shows! Do you need help producing your music and want home grown talent to get it done? We're proud to bring you our Struggle Studios. If you want more info just hit us up.

House/Electronic/Dubstep/Electro/Hip-Hop/Rap we love it all,


For bookings, comments, or questions, contact us at our email and we will get back to you shortly.


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